Blue Agaves


How does one get here from there?

<img title="IMAG0484.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src="http://pullofthemoondesigns.filo” />

Well, through a number of stages, starts and stops.

My latest project, Blue Agaves, was the result of an inspiration found in my backyard: the blue agaves and a desire to use a complete batt to felt.

I first started making cut outs of shapes and needle felted the shapes together to create a tableau.


Then I took a batt and started to pull it gently into a rectangle as I wanted to create a landscape for my agaves. Then I placed the agaves.



I planted the agaves in the batt and began to felt the landscape using a tool purchased on etsy–from heartfelt silks. It worked perfectly to fuse the design elements into the batt.

After felting and then fulling ( throwing on my tile countertop), it was rinsed with vinegar and rewashed with eucalin to get that smell out. Once dry, it was finished and I photographed it with its inspiration: the blue agaves in my own backyard!

Inspiration melds with perspiration to create art!


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