Lazy Summer Garden

Taking bits of this and bits of that, I finished two projects. The first,  lazy summer garden, I went for an impressionistic view of a garden. Made with merino wool, hand dyed silk, handspun, sari silk, and hand dyed cheesecloth, it looks cheerful. I made two loops to pull it together with buttons if someone wanted a vest.

The other, Oceans, truly was an experiment with a large strip of mesh placed horizontally. The roving laid on it in strips and then mixes in tons of purple Romney Locks to deepen the color. The mix is a bit different but works well. The mesh I bought from New England Felting Supply works wonderfully as to form a connective tissue.  It all pulls together.

Who knew?


Lazy summer garden above.


Oceans below.  Note mesh and strips of roving below.


Both together!


Some experimentation and lots of color make for a beautiful midsummer morning!


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