Weaving bits into necklaces and bracelets: how to finish

Having fun these days with my Saori loom. Pulled out my stash of kimono bits, art yarns, vintage buttons, colorful anything and everything and just started weaving.

Above are some bracelets.

First I started tying off the bracelets but didn’t like the effect. Then I finished by using my leclerc twister.

and twisted the ends. Then with a crochet hook, I pulled the twisted ends through a large bead– did this with both ends–to create an adjustable bracelet. Certainly better as you can see.

I like this technique of finishing off the bracelet. It looks more professional and it accommodates different size wrists.

But I also like–and perhaps prefer–hook and eye fasteners.

Some brass

Others done with sewing notions

Or covered hooks and eyes

I tried loops with buttons as well.


And jewelry clasps

But I guess my favorite fasteners are the covered hooks and eyes by Dritz. I found them in black, white, and brown.

They seem to work the best if you know the wrist size.  Unfortunately, they are not cheap: about $3 for 2 sets, but they offer a finished look. They are easy to sew on and they fit the style of these handwoven Saori bracelets. So these fasteners are a hit in my book!


I used the same fasteners for necklaces but may re-evaluate.


I will see how the necklace wears. And that is the way things go: experimenting by trying new things out, figuring out what matters ( adjustable or not; cost; the look, the ease of sewing, etc), and then making the decision. Or not.

Because in the world of OOAK ( one of a kind), each item has its own “best” way calling out to me.

And so it goes…

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