What to do with Art Yarn?

Some days you just don’t know what to do with those art yarns. Some have several strands plied together; other are so bulky that it is hard to use them in cloth. They throw off the balance of the piece.

Look at Stephanie Gorin’s hard core yarns in her Loop shop, they tantalize the senses. But weave with them? Knit, yes.Crochet, yes. But weave?

So I am setting my challenge for the summer and fall on how to use extreme bulky art yarns.

Check out what I have done so far with art yarn from yarn girl and Carrie Pugh: both sell on Etsy.


Art yarn by yarn hirl


I wove  Saori style on my Saori loom in a very loose weave using a comb reed.  The bulk of the art yarn is at the end ; most of the scarf is woven with cotton from Valley Yarns and recycled sari- silk from Nicole’s  Darn Good Yarn. Easy peasey.



Close up.


Art yarns from yarn girl below.



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